Кафедра теории и методики обучения физике и информатике ,кафедра ТиМОФиИ, общая информация

Department of Theory and Methods of Teaching Physics and Informatics was established in 2011. The department is headed by professor Ramil Mingazov.

The staff of the department consists of 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 senior teacher and 1 assistant, 2 technicians and 3 post-graduate applicants. Of these, 2 are doctors of pedagogical science, 4 are candidates of pedagogical science, 2 are candidates of physical and mathematical sciences. Professors and lecturers of the department give lectures on basic academic disciplines.

The department provides teaching of elementary physics, mathematics, computer science and information technology, methodology of teaching physics and computer science at the scientific and pedagogical department of Institute of Physics, as well as teaching mathematics at the Faculty of Law.

The department has computer classes and a laboratory for physical experiment at school.

The department provides training of teachers of physics and informatics, bachelors of physical and mathematical education (profile "Physics") and masters of pedagogical education (profile "Education of physics").

 80% of the staff at the department are candidates and doctors of science.