The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies combines traditions of classical university, modern technologies and software equipment for  educating professionals  in the area of Geology, Geophysics and Petroleum Technologies
The Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies was established in 2011 on the basis of Faculty of Geology of KFU.
Geological education started at Kazan University from the very foundation of the University in 1804. A separate faculty was organized in 1949. On May 5, 2011 the Faculty of Geology was transformed into the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technology. Kazan school of geologists was formed in the University in the course of  its development and further gained a worldwide recognition.

The Institute includes seven departments, Centre of Advanced Education, Management, Quality and Marketing, Research and Academic Center for Natural Bitumen Development, Research and Academic Center for Aerospace Technologies, Research and Academic Center for Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Research, over 20 specialized research and academic labs with up-to-date equipment, Research and Academic Complex “Petrophysics”, a unique Museum of Geology, Center of Academic Facilities and Expeditions, Magnetic Observatory (one of the oldest in Russia)
Currently, the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies provides education for over 800 students in 6 Bachelor and 5 Master programs in Geology supervised by honored professors, assistant professors and young teachers.
Training of students is conducted with in the following areas:

Period of study on Bachelor Program (or Bachelor's Degree) is 4 years, form of study is full-time.

Bachelor's Program includes the following profiles:

Period of study on Master Program (for applicants with a Bachelor's Degree or a Specialist Degree) is 2 years, form of study is full-time

Master Programs:

R&D pursued by the Institute scientists with active involvement of students annually win grants in various competitions, including the international ones. The Institute maintains close relations with leading Russian and foreign Universities.
Institute laboratories are staffed with state-of-the-art computer facilities and special equipment used in academic activities. The research process is supervised by highly qualified scholars, including 21 Doctors of Science and Professors and 43 Candidates of Science and Associate  Professors. Along with studying professional and special subjects, students get a fundamental training in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics and Economics.
The Institute alumni work in our country and abroad. Diploma of Kazan University ensures high level employment in state and non-state organizations. Our graduates have always been of 100% demand by labor market granting prospects for successful career.

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 Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies
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