The personnel of the Department of Quantum Electronics and Radiospectroscopy teaches studens on the main speciality "Radiophysics and electronics" and graduate students in the spaeciality "Radiophysics"

The Department has 4 academic-scientific laboratories:

1. Laboratory of magnetic radiospectroscopy;

2. Laboratory of Vacuum and Cryogen techniques;

3.  Laboratory of Quantum Radiophysics;

4. Laboratory of UHF electrodynamics.

Usually, around 60 students study in the Department.

The Academic staff of the department teaches, besides main courses, several courses by speciality:

1. Symmetry of Crystalls;

2. Crystallyc Field Symmetry;

3. Quantum Electronics;

4. Low Temperature Techniques;

5. Electronic Structure of Solid Substrates;

6. Spectroscopical Experiment;

7. Pulse NMR Techniques;

8. Radiospectroscopy Techniques;

9. The Basics of EPR spectra;

10. The Basics of NMR spectra;

11. The Basics of Magnetic Relaxation Theory;

12. Additional Details on EPR scpectra Theory;

13. Optical Spectroscopy Techniques;

14. The Basics of Laser Medicine;

15. The Basics of Physical Processes in Optical Quantum Generators;

16. Optical Spectroscopy of Laser Media;

17. Special Chapters of Quantum Electronics.