Development Programme of  the Department (2012-2016)

   1. Adaptation of the department to the new requirements in connection with the

  accession of department  to the Institute of Physics KFU.

       a). The mastering of teachers of the department of laboratory equipment of  educational laboratories complex of the Institute of Physics (2012-2013).

     b). Development and implementation in the educational process of the complex of guidelines and manuals for the implementation of

laboratory works for scientific - pedagogical department of the Institute of Physics (2012-2014).

       c). Adjusting curricula readable disciplines.

2. To reorient  scientific work of the department to perform the basic research direction "Physics of atoms and molecules."

         a).  Increase the number of scientific publications in journals included in the list of HAC from 50% currently to 80% by 2016.

         b). Increase the number of scientific publications in journals included in SCOPUS from 10% currently to 40% by 2016.

3. Rejuvenation faculty of the department.

          Reduce the average age of teachers of the department from 52 years currently to 43 years by 2016.

4. Development of educational work in the academic  groups of the scientific - pedagogical  department in the following areas:

    a). Organization of the curators work of student groups (3-4 curator per year).

    b). Formation of is professional-pedagogical orientation of the future teachers.

    c). Moral and aesthetic education.

    d). Familiarizing students to the culture and the arts.

    f). Creating student collective.

    e). The educational work in the dormitories, monitor school attendance by students.

    g). Discussion of issues related to the educational work at faculty meetings. Communication with the parents of students, work with the parent committee.

5. Sign a contract with schools on joint educational  work and of professional orientation

Preparing students for the Olympiad in physics. The participation of teachers of the department in conducting the All-Russia and republican Olympiads in physics. Identification of the most talented learners and professional work with them for admission to the KFU. Consultations for learners  schools in preparation for  exam in physics Meetings with teachers of physics. Open days.

6. Opening of refresher courses and training teachers of physics.

7. Restore the training of teachers of physics for Tatar schools (with the knowledge of terminology).

8. Development of electronic educational resources.

Development, licensing (State registration of computer programs in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent)) and implementation in the educational process in an average of 1 - 2 computer programs at year .Telefon: 2-33-76-57