Gene and Cell technologies OpenLab

Development of new approaches in gene and cell therapy of humans and animals; research of biomarkers of infectious and autoimmune diseases; development of gene and cell technologies for stimulation of liver regeneration.

Extreme Biology OpenLab

Development of new approaches to improve the stress-resistance in living cells, research of the unique symbiotic interactions of extreme organisms, research of molecular bases of animal hypometabolism. Biology, -omics and biomedicine of hypometabolic and metabolic states. Adaptation of diverse organisms to extreme environments.

Paleoanthropology and Paleogenetics OpenLab

The main research highlight is the reconstruction of ancient populations mode of life such as paleo diet, migration and domestication processes, interaction with microbial and viral communities (pathogen and aboriginal microbiota) in vector of changing climate conditions, based on complex of archaeological and molecular biological methods, such as isotope analysis, radiocarbon dating, phenotypic profiling, protein fingerprinting, genome-wide studies and whole genome sequencing.

Reprogramming of Somatic Cells OpenLab

Development of reprogramming technologies for grown-up organisms in order to establish model systems of socially important diseases, conduct research of their molecular mechanisms, retrieve drugs, develop new therapeutic methods and research fundamental mechanisms of cell specialization.

FoodLab Healthy and Safe Nutrition OpenLab

The core project mission is to study differences between local agricultural products and those imported from abroad by content of vitamins, macro- and microelements, and toxic components (heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and others) controlled according to international and national standards.