The NMR with pulse magnetic field gradient (PFG) is a unique method intended for research of molecular translational motion in different systems. PFG is an ideal tool for measuring the self-diffusion coefficients. The measurement is nondestructive, and does not involve the introduction of chemical or isotopic tracers. Moreover, the observation time can be varied over several orders of magnitude by simply changing pulse sequence parameters.

The further development of the PFG method and its more extensive application is restrained in the first by not enough range of diffusion coefficients (especially in polymer systems), in the second by lack of possibility to separate the signals of different molecules in the systems (especially in heterogeneous systems). Besides, nowadays there is no serial production of NMR with PFG.

These problems are solved mostly by developing the device in the NMR laboratory.

In the last few years most of the work in producing of NMR PFG spectrometers and different units of these devices has been made in cooperation with venture "Magnitniy Resonans" situated at the department territory. Director of this venture is Mr.Gennady Vasiliev. This cooperation has resulted in producing a series of NMR PFG spectrometers, used in research institutions and high educational institutions of Moscow, Ufa, and Kazan.