Since 2015, the project "RuStart" has been implemented on the basis of the Elabuga Institute of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University. The project is aimed at forming a system of cross-cultural education and effective study of the Russian language by foreign citizens.

Priorities and objectives:

The project implements an integrated program: educational part, cultural education, interactive workshops, cross-management.

Leading specialists of the university's teaching staff are involved in the project.

Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University invites you to courses on the study of the Russian language on a reimbursable basis.

Training Date – as the student groups are formed.

Categories of participants:

  1. Students of foreign countries entering Russian universities.

  2. Students of foreign countries, with in-depth study of the Russian language.

  3. Foreign citizens who are specialists working at Russian enterprises.

  4. Foreign citizens who come as part of educational tourism.

Based on the results of training, a document of the established sample is issued.

For all questions, please contact Sibgatullina Alfiya Ashrafulovna

Yarullina Alfiya Shaukatovna

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