The Department of Economics and Management was established in 2013.

The quality of the educational process is provided by a highly qualified teaching staff. In the process of teaching, in addition to traditional ones, university teachers widely use techniques and methods based on the use of modern pedagogical and information technologies. During the time of the department's work, rich scientific and pedagogical traditions have been developed, and research, methodological and publishing activities have increased.

The research work of teachers includes the development of relevant theoretical and applied problems in the field of economics, management and economics of education. At the same time, the main directions of the department’s work are the problems of regional economics, city economics, economic security, economics of education, quality control of the education system. During the work of the department several dozens of articles were published in high-rating journals (Scopus, Web of science, HAC, etc.).

There are a group of economists at the department (leader: associate professor E.A. Osadchiy), some problem research groups.

Teachers of the department conduct systematic work on the organization of students’ research, annually prepare reports on student scientific and practical conferences at various levels. Students take an active part in various competitions, winning prizes.

Active educational and scientifically-methodical work of teachers of the department and their professionalism contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and management.

Topics of fundamental and applied methodical research

• Electronic educational environment in the training of undergraduates in the direction of “Management of the educational organization”;

• Quality control in the education system;

• Regional economy and urban environment;

• The history of industry in Russia and the regions;

• Control in the management system, control in the management system of the enterprise’s logistics activities.