The department of pedagogy was formed in 1939. A serious contribution to the development of the department in different periods of its formation was made by T. Kh. Rakhmaeva, N.D. Grigoriev, D.S. Yagafarova, Mokshina N.G. (they headed the department), L.V. Khalanskaya, T.B. Sharipova, V.M. Koroleva, T.P. Afonina, A.Z. Muhamadeeva. In September 1989, independent departments were formed on the basis of the department: the department of pedagogy and the department of psychology. The department has a postgraduate study in the direction of training 44.06.01 Education and pedagogical sciences in the following fields: “General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education”, “Theory and methods of vocational education”: more than 50 graduate students and applicants completed postgraduate studies with a doctoral degree. Since 2017, the department implements master programmes in the direction of training 44.04.01 Pedagogical education, profile "Design and evaluation of educational programmes and processes."

Research areas

Teachers of the department are working on the development of the research theme "Design and implementation of educational activities based on educational and practical tasks."

Conducted research work is aimed at scientific support of the process of training and education and the development of various models of pedagogical training of teachers, the interaction of the university and the school in a single educational space.

All teachers of the department take part in the scientific and practical conferences held by Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, as well as in conferences of various levels (Moscow, Ufa, Kazan, Penza, Tolyatti, etc.).

For a number of years, the department holds international and all-Russian scientific and practical conferences, some of which have become traditional:

1. International Makhmutov Readings (April).

2. International scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of modern education" (April).

3. All-Russian Scientific and Practical Student Conference "Science and Youth."

4. Scientific-methodical seminar "Innovations and traditions in modern school education: theory and practice" (Participants: teachers, educational psychologists, class teachers, educational organizers of general educational institutions, teachers of additional education, teachers of secondary specialized educational institutions).

Teachers of the department conduct systematic work on the organization of students' research activities, annually prepare speakers for student scientific and practical conferences of various levels

Topics of applied methodical research

? Formation of the riskological competence of the future teacher as a component of the strategy of innovative development of teacher education

? Formation of leadership qualities among students - future teachers

? Practice-oriented training of teachers on the basis of network interaction of educational organizations implementing higher education programs and basic general education

? Design of basic vocational educational programs (VET) for the training of teachers in accordance with the professional standard of the teacher

? Integrated educational space of the university and the school as the basis of practice-oriented training of future teachers

? Formation of citizenship of students of a pedagogical university

? Tendencies of development of gender differentiation of education in educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan

? Problem-task technology as a means of forming professional competencies of future teachers

? Creation and development of an ethnocultural educational environment taking into account national and regional peculiarities

? Improving the preparation of the future teacher for ethno-cultural activities

? Barriers of communicative creativity of undergraduate students

? Practice-oriented preparation of the future teacher for educational work in a modern school

? Development of research thinking in students of pedagogical specialties in the process of teaching pedagogical disciplines at the university

? Competence approach in the professional and personal training of the future teacher