Head: Leontyev Vyacheslav Vitalievich, PhD, associate professor
Assistant: Baigulova Natalya Gennadievna

The history of the department is inextricably linked with the department of biology and methods of teaching biology that previously existed at the university, the department of botany and the foundations of agriculture (later - botany and agroecology) and the department of medicine.

In 2010, the departments merged to form a single department of biology and ecology, and in 2016 it became known as the department of biology and chemistry.

The priority topic of research and development of the department is the direction: "Ecological and biological aspects of the structural and functional organization of living systems."

Research areas:

1. The study of adaptive reactions of native and introduced species of woody plants in the conditions of the technogenic environment of the Middle Volga region (the head of the department is Kuzmin Petr Anatolyevich);

2. Analysis of the flora and fauna of the Lower Kama region (population structure, phenetic variability, morphophysiological adaptations); bioindication and biotesting (led by PhD, associate professor Leontyev Vyacheslav Vitalyevich)

3. Monitoring and biodiversity conservation of the avifauna of the Republic of Tatarstan (Head of the UNL MOP and Rinur Hadiyarovich Bekmansurov, a staff member of the department)

Research of the department in the field of development and solution of problems of pedagogy of higher education is represented by a general thematic area "Formation of professional competence by means of natural sciences".

The department has a teaching and scientific laboratory "Monitoring and protection of birds" (UNL MOP), a zoological museum, an experimental site.

Summer field practices in invertebrate zoology and botany (1st year of study), vertebrate zoology and botany (2nd year of study), general ecology (3d year of study) are held on the territory of the Burevestnik sports and recreation camp or in the form of excursions and multi-day trips to natural conditions.

Periodically, expeditions to the White Sea on the basis of the MBS KFU are organized at the department for educational and educational purposes.

As part of the educational work at the department, the ecological voluntary society of students "EcoDOS" functions, the members of which participate in environmental protection and environmental education activities.