Russian-Bulgarian laboratory for comparative studies in education

Public Russian-Bulgarian laboratory was organized at the Department of pedagogy in 2012 as a result of a 22-year cooperation teachers of the Department of pedagogy KSU and the Department of education, SU "SV.CL. Ohridski" (Protocol No. 8 of the meeting of the Academic Council of Ipio on 28.07.2012)

A brief history of collaboration (1991-2010)

The story of collaboration begins with 1991 scientific contacts of employees of the Department of pedagogy KSU and in the Department of theory of education pedagogical faculty of the SU.

Between 1998 and 2011, employees of the Department of pedagogy KSU spoke at 9 international conferences in Bulgaria with 23 reports that were published in the conference proceedings. V. P. Saleeva twice trained at the Sofia University and defended a thesis on "Modern trends in the development of creative abilities of pupils in Bulgaria".

Since 2001 Bulgarian colleagues participated in 5 international conferences held in Kazan. Delivered 16 papers published in conference proceedings, participated in competitions KFU. In 1999 Professor V. Gurov lectured and conducted workshops on the problem of legal education of youth and the ways of psychological and pedagogical support for teachers and psychologists of Kazan, performed at the Department of pedagogy KSU, participated in the festival of Elabuga teachers.

The most active participants of partner exchange of teachers and graduate students of Kazan Federal University: V. I. Andreev, Y. V. Andreeva, E.V.Asafova, R. A. Valeeva, O. A. Guryanova, V. P. Zeleeva, L. M. Popov, L. I. Marder, S. R. Sapozhnikova, as well as the staff of Sofia University, prof Gourova, Assoc. B. Gospodinov, Professor E. Rangelova, G. Dermendjieva, Th.Kyrlov, Manasieva, Mehandjiyska, M. Grudeva

In 2007 at the initiative of the Bulgarian side the Agreement was signed on cooperation between KSU and SU. Since then it has been supported by the scientific contacts of scientists of Kazan Federal University and the SU.


1. Prof V. I. Andreev, Assoc. E.V.Asafova, Assoc. V. P. Zeleeva took part in the international scientific conference held in Sofia University and Scientific seminar of the Association of Slavic universities.

2. The planned program of scientific cooperation for 2011-2012 between the Department of pedagogy KSU and the faculty of the SU.


1. Visit of the rector of SU "SV.Kliment Ohridski" Mr. I. Ilchev to KFU and the signing of a bilateral agreement on cooperation between our universities.

2. Approval of the Russian-Bulgarian laboratory at the Department of pedagogy (Institute of Psychology and Education)

3. Master-class of Professor V. Gurova at the festival of teachers in Elabuga

4. Master-class of Professor V. Gurova in the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology KFU

5. The participation of Professor A. M. Kalimullina & Assoc. V. P.Zeleeva in the International conference of SU

6. Classes of Professor A. M. Kalimullina and Assoc. V. P.Zeleeva at the pedagogical faculty of Sofia University.

7. Bulgarian colleagues participated and became the winners of a competition organized by the Department of early childhood education of Institute of Psychology and Education.

8. V. P.Zeleeva became a member of the editorial Board of the Bulgarian magazine "Strategy of scientific and educational policy"


1. Spent Russian-Bulgarian international seminar "Quality of education: ideas, projects, perspectives" with the participation of the Dean of the pedagogical faculty of Sofia University, B. Gospodinov and Prof. V. SU Gurovoy (12-13 September 2013)

2. Program development the prof Gurova conducted classes for undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers of Institute of Psychology and education (10 hours) and the master class "the Teacher as an educational Manager in the training of students" (14 September 2013).Participants received certificates of the pedagogical faculty of Sofia University.

3. Bulgarian colleagues participated in International practical conference "Multicultural educational space of the Volga region: ways and forms of integration" (Kazan, Institute of Psychology and education, 2013). V. Gurova included in the conference Committee.

4. Agreed and Gurov V. (Bulgaria) and J. Prokop (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) entered the editorial Board of the journal "Education and self-development"


Conduct prof. Gurova of the exercises for the course "Educational management" for students, postgraduates and teachers of Institute of Psychology and education KFU 24-28.03.2014

What are the advantages of cooperation with Sofia University:

1. Sofia University is a leading European University with a rich history of successful organization and implementation of teacher education and successful experience in the integration of educational projects of the University development programs in the region.

2. Sofia University has a unique history in the field of pedagogical education and currently preparing master in a number of promising directions

3. At Sofia University a wealth of experience in the field of modern educational technologies

4. The Sofia University with a high level of preparation of social teachers

5. The proximity of the cultural mentality of our universities, with significant differences, contributing to cooperation and mutual cultural enrichment.

The composition of the lab:

1. Scientific supervisor of the laboratory Professor V.Gurova (Bulgaria)

2. Head of laboratory Assoc. of Department of pedagogy V.P.Zeleeva

3. Assoc.B.Krivorotova (Bulgaria)

4. Assoc.  Bojilov (Bulgaria)

5. Senior teacher I. A. Dmitrieva

6. Post graduate I. A. Manahov

7. Post graduate R. Mustafin

The mission of the laboratory:

Intercultural cooperation in psycho-pedagogical education field. The implementation of comparative studies in the field of quality education in Russia and abroad. The attraction of Bulgarian experts to teach academic disciplines in Institute of Psychology and education KFU and Russian specialists for teaching at the pedagogical faculty at SU. The involvement of young scientists (graduate students, doctoral students) to significant to improve the quality of teacher education research in teacher education.

Tasks of the laboratory:

- search and development of international projects and cooperation with leading foreign universities in the field of innovation in higher education and teacher training;

- partnership development labs and the conclusion of tripartite agreements with other universities engaged in scientific research in the preparation of psycho-pedagogical staff

- establishment of intercultural dialogue in educational institutions, participants of the project on the topical issues of development of higher pedagogical education;

- carrying out scientific-practical conferences of different levels, seminars on issues of internationalization of education, self-development of faculty members and students, intercultural communication in the field of higher education and others;

- participation in innovative forms of cooperation (and webconference webinars, teleconferences, etc.) and the media to implement the content of the project and the implementation of informational support of the teaching community;

- implementation of research results in scientific-research activity of the educational institutions participating in the project.

The laboratory implements the following functions:

Educational and research:

- organization of student exchanges with partner universities (through the program of academic mobility of students, undergraduates and postgraduates);

- assistance in the implementation of the results of these studies at national and international educational venues

- the implementation of academic mobility of teaching staff and students (students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral) in areas of international research projects of the laboratory and of the Institute;


- conducting research in the field of world tendencies of development of higher pedagogical education; the participation of Laboratory staff in national and international scientific conferences, scientific societies, seminars, workshops, advice;

- publications in national and international scientific journals of results of a joint research project partners; establish creative and scientific ties with groups of similar laboratories domestic and foreign higher education institutions;

- preparation of applications for grants for research work in the laboratory.

Education: the establishment of scientific relations between higher educational institutions - participants of the project through different forms of activities: conferences, seminars, publications, etc.

Partners of the lab at the moment:

- Sofia University, faculty of education

- International higher school of practical psychology, Riga