The laboratory carries out: the formation of the Volga Federal District, primarily in the Republic of Tatarstan, a corporation of highly qualified specialists in the field of multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics involved in the study of ethno-cultural education in a multiethnic and multicultural region; the study of the results of research and practical experience in the field of multicultural education in Tatarstan, Russia and abroad; the establishment of professional contacts; the development of joint scientific and practical projects on multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics; introduction in educational process of new scientific and methodical development, the expansion of ties between education authorities, universities, schools and further education institutions.

Development and implementation of programs in the field of multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics.

Conducting applied research in the field of multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics and integration of scientific and educational activities with innovative projects, research work in applied fields of science.

Organizational support of research work of students enrolled in the direction 050700 "Teacher education" as part of students' scientific - research groups, societies.

The activity of the Laboratory focus on the following tasks:

Conducting scientific and applied research and development to solve the urgent problems in priority areas of pedagogy, ethno-pedagogics, multicultural education.

Organizing of a united information educational space in the area of multicultural education in the education system at different levels.

Methodological study and modeling of innovative technologies and ethno-pedagogical multicultural education.

Preparing and conducting scientific and practical seminars and conferences devoted to the problems of multicultural education.

Development and implementation of an integrated system, which includes research, development of teaching kits, training of the teaching staff and the implementation of experimental work in the field of multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics, history of pedagogy and education; Organizing and carrying out research work of students and staff of the Department on the history, theory and practice of multicultural education and ethno-pedagogics, history of education and education in the Volga region.

Providing methodological, psychological and educational assistance and information to teachers, related education and training.

Organizing and carrying out practical group exercises for students of the Laboratory; to promote the training of young scientists and specialists working on the subject of laboratory operations;

Organization of individual work with students, which will give the possibility of formation at the future teachers of the valuable relation to tolerance as a norm of behavior and communication with other people; competence in interethnic dialogue; understanding of social and ethnic psychology, ethno-pedagogics purpose in modern society; needs to solve specific pedagogical objectives, relying on national traditions, knowledge of national history education and training; understanding that people's educational experience is a necessary component of the maintenance of preparation of experts in the field of psycho-pedagogical education.

The development and coordination of scientific relations of KFU with foreign scientists and research centers. Creating and maintaining an intense and effective scientific and educational environment through scientific and educational activities;

The main directions of activity of the Laboratory

Hands-on training:

1. Organization of lectures and workshops on the core subjects of the department.

2. Implementation of advanced training programs, working with pupils and students: individual internships

3. Consultations and workshops for practitioners;

4. Development of training programs, training - teaching aids, textbooks, etc.


1. Qualitative and quantitative data analysis, which allows summarizing some of the trends of development of multicultural education in the Republic of Tatarstan.

2. The organization of manufacture of scientific - teaching materials (recommendations, guidelines, collections of scientific works, etc..).

3. Development of provisions of normative documents on the organization of variant forms of multicultural education in the Republic of Tatarstan.


1. Data Aggregation multicultural and ethno-cultural education in the region.

2. The implementation of research projects and participate in grant programs on this issue, including with the participation of graduate and undergraduate students.

3. System analysis of the results of the research and monitoring.

4. The organization and holding of meetings of scientific - research circle of the department, student scientific groups on the problems of the laboratory.