Histology - branch of biology that studies the structure of the tissues of living organisms. Typically this is done by dissecting tissue into thin layers using a microtome. In contrast to the anatomy, histology studies the structure of the body at the tissue level.

Андреева Дина Ивановна

Andreeva Dina Ivanovna

Introduction to histology


Epithelial tissue

Connective tissue I

Connective tissue II

Muscle tissue

Respiratory system

The Digestive System

The male reproductive system

The Urinary System

The female reproductive system 2018

The endocrine system Part I

The endocrine system Part II

Blood 2018

The cardiovascular system 2018

The lymphoid system 2018

Nervous Tissue

Плюшкина Александра Сергеевна

Pljushkina Aleksandra Sergeevna

Thematic plan HISTOLOGY

Thematic plan HISTOLOGY

Histology slides' archive 

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