Биккинеев Фарид Гакифович

This course starts in the fall semester of the academic year for the third year students of General Medicine and Dentistry.


Farid Bikkineev Gakifovich

Topographic anatomy is a section of human anatomy, which studies layering structure of anatomical regions, their interposition (syntopy), projection on the skin (golotopy), relation to the skeleton (skeletopy), blood supply, innervation and lymph flow in normal and pathological conditions, taking into account the age, sex and constitutional peculiarities of the organism.

The course has practical significance for medicine students and is the theoretical basis for surgery.

Course program:

1. Introduction to topographic anatomy and operative surgery

2. Topographic anatomy of anterior abdominal wall

3. Basics of intestinal suturing

4. Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of pelvis

5. Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of thoracic wall and thorax organs

6. Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of neck

Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of brain

7. Surgeries on vessels, nerves, ligaments. Amputations.

Thematic plan