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- Regional stem cells search and des­cription

- Stem cell application studies

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Under the leadership of Andrey Kiyasov, the research group at the Department of Morphology and General Pathology of KFU formulated a theory that Ito cells belong to the regional stem compartment of the liver. This theory changes the classical concepts of liver histology and stimulates further studies of Ito cells from the standpoint of stem cell biology. Thus, it was shown that Ito cells express stem cells and progenitor cells markers during prenatal ontogenesis and after the liver damage of different genesis, during viral hepatitis, after partial hepatectomy.  During the studies of Ito cells in vitro, it was established that Ito cells can directly differentiate into hepatocytes. Also, it was shown that Ito cells transplantation to different animals with liver damage leads to the formation of a significant number of hepatocytes.  This method is safe and does not lead to liver fibrosis.

There are encouraging results in the development of cell therapy methods, particularly after transplanting autologous mobilized peripheral blood stem cells to patients with obliterating endarteritis of lower limbs and alcoholic cirrhosis.

The department pioneered at developing a treatment method for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood.  And the efficiency of this method was proved.


Andrey Kiyasov
Head of the research group
MD, professor, Corresponding Member of the Tatarstan  Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Basic Medicine and Biology

Marina Titova, PhD., Associate Professor

Maxim Kaligin, PhD Associate Professor

Dina Andreeva, PhD 

Angelina Titova, PhD 

Alexandra Plyushkina, PhD  

Zaikina Elvira, PhD