In the 5th of November,1804, the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Forensic Science department of medical or health sciences was established according to the "affirmative literacy" and the first "Charter"  of Kazan Imperial University, the signing by the Emperor Alexander I.

Over the years  the Department changed its name and the chief. One remained unchanged - the Department was always led by outstanding scientists, physicians, such as

J.B. Brown (1807-1819) was elected as the first rector of the University;

K.F. Fuchs (1819-1820) - scholar and social activist and extremely popular in the Kazan region clinician, anatomist, naturalist, archaeologist, ethnographer, numismatist, historian, linguist,  traveler, botanist and writer.

 Since 1837 Department housed in an Anatomical Theater, which was specially built to study anatomy and located on the territory of the Kazan Imperial University (architect academician M.P.Korinfsky with the direct participation of the rector of the Imperial University of Lobachevsky).

The first head of the Department of Anatomy in the walls of the theater became E.F.Aristov (1837-1868), MD, a prominent educator and public figure. E.F.Aristov?s lectures were attended by students from all faculties of the University. In 1867 E.F.Aristov was elected an honorary member of the University and the department was headed by

P.F. Lesgaft (1869-1872) - a founder of the theoretical and functional anatomy. He was the first  in Kazan, who began holding classes on embryology, and was a supporter of higher education for women. For a determined struggle against the reactionary forces  Lesgaft was dismissed without further right teaching at the University;

A.V. Vishnevsky (1904-1905) - an outstanding surgeon and a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, went down in history of national surgery as a unique scientist, creator of the original surgical scientific school;

V.N.Tonkov (1905-1915) completely transformed the educational and scientific life of the Department. V.N.Tonkov is a graduate of the Medical-Surgical Academy. He created Kazan school of anatomists in the person of Professor N.D.Bushmakina, V.A.Popova, I.S.Malinovskii, associate professor K.M.Yahontova, professor and dentist P.A.Glushkova. A.D.Speransky -  the honored scientist in physiology, academician of the Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, began his career during the leading of professor V.N. Tonkov.

Since 1924, the department was headed by V.N.Ternovsky, an outstanding scientist-anatomist and medical historian, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. He formed a new scientific direction to study the autonomic nervous system in the Kazan school of anatomists.

In 1930  Kazan Medical Institute was founded on the basis of the medical faculty of Kazan State University?

Through 83 years medical education in the Kazan (Volga) Federal University was resumed. The Department was headed by professor, MD, A.P.Kiyasov. Since 2013, students study such basic items for future doctors as anatomy, pathology, topographic anatomy, histology, cytology and embryology, pathological physiology in our department - the Department of morphology and general pathology.

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