Institute of fundamental medicine and biology is the place where everyone knows what Petri dish, Eppendorf and streptococcus are.

   That's the place where everyone would explain the difference between the fluorescent and epifluorescence microscopes.

   That's the place where the white medical coat can be found in each one's bag (sometimes even a couple of them!).

   That's the place where everyone's got talent which goes wide outside the labs' doors. The talent which is realized in numerous cultural, athletic, intellectual, social projects of different levels.

   All the directions of students' life are united and coordinated by Students' Council of IFMB. The Council is the institution of students' self-government which consists of the chairman, five sections and two Campus councils.

   The Council's main aims are:

The chairman of the Council is

Rinat Gaffarov

Do you have any crazy ideas? If the answer is 'yes' and you still don't know how to make them real, Rinat will gladly help you and will answer all of your questions.

Contact details: 89870084781,

Gaffaroff.rinat@yandex.ru  ,https://vk.com/id40526392.

The chairman of Social Department is

Natalia Evtugina

She can answer to any question connected with social work. She's great in the field of students' social protection. Don't be shy!

Contact details: 89172793091 



The leader of cultural section is 

Enzhe Usmanova

If you want to join the celebration of Freshman's Day or Students' Spring or if you have a talent of finding show costumes, she will be glad to welcome you in her team!

Contact details: 89274367679,



The leader of historical section is

Zalia Bikmukhametova

If you feel unconfident studying Latin language or Zoology, Zalia could help you and find a tutor.

Contact details: 89872063143 



The leader of sport section is

Ralina Khairullina

Are you strong? You can show it while taking part in University's sport events!

Contact details: 89372897371,

https://vk.com/khayrullinaralina, hayralinka@mail.ru

The leader of Media Centre is

Ekaterina Shakhmaeva

If you're good at taking photos, filming or writing, Ekaterina will help you to reveal your talent by finding appropriate vacancy in University's magazine «Beagle».

Contact details: 89270407612, 



Radygina Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

The leader of “Relations with youth NGOs” section is

Anastasia Radygina

Don't know how to get in a social organization in Tatarstan or just want to work in field of social improvement? Ask Nastya for help! She knows what to do.

Contact details: 89093125821,



The chairman of Building 3/2 in Universiade Village is

Valentina Sannikova.

Open up yourself in helping Students' Council of Building 3/2 in Universiade Village.

Contact details: 89172917052 


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