Department of Geography and Cartography was established in 2011 by merging the departments of physical geography and economic geography. Many famous scientists, such as N. I. Blazhko, E. P. Busygin, G. P. Butakov, N. I. Vorobiev, A. P. Dedkov, N. V. Zorin, P. I. Krotov, V. N. Sementovskyy, A. V. Stupishin, A. M. Trofimov, R. G. Huseev, worked at t the Department in previous years.


Geography (Physical Geography and Landscape Study)

Geography (Economic and Social Geography)

Cartography and Geoinformatics


Physical Geography and Landscape Planning

Economic and Social Geography, Social Planning

The curricula provide fundamental training in monitoring, scientific investigation and analysis of natural and socal spatial systems, strategic planning, urban and regional development, GIS and mapping. The Department also supervises general geography courses for the other institutes.

The Department's research deals with the dynamics of interaction between natural habitats and socioeconomic development. In particular, our interests are:

? Sustainable development of urban and rural areas

? Regional and urban strategic planning

? Environmental engineering and land use

? Study of river runoff and springs, estimation of natural groundwater resources for water management.
? Urban and regional economy

? Development of information and communication technologies for collection, storage and processing of geographic information, spatial databases design and management, geoinformational mapping and GIS analysis.