Ildar KHairullin, Associate Professor

Rustem Akhmetov, Professor

Andrei Ankudinov, Associate Professor

Irina Filippova, Associate Professor

Evgeniia Strelnik, Associate Professor

Diana Usanova , Associate Professor

Vladislav Shogin, Associate Professor

Alina Kamalova, Assistant Professor

Elvira Khairullina, Assistant Professor

Andrei SHishkin, Assistant Professor

Mariia Iarovinskaia, Senior Teacher

Liliia Akhmetzianova,  Senior Teacher

Alsu Badretdinova, Senior Teacher

Nadezhda Grafskaia, Senior Teacher

Denis Borisov, Senior Teacher

Oleg Lebedev, Senior Teacher

Kadriia Khairullina, Senior Teacher

Galiia Shafigullina, Senior Teacher

Timur Gilmizyanov, Senior Teacher

The Head of the Department of Corporate Finance, associate professor - Khayrullin Ildar Gadelevich.

The Department of Corporate Finance was established in 2004, it makes a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the Kazan Federal University.

The high level of publication activity of  faculty members is the main factor that increases the research capacity of the department. The faculty members published more than 20 papers in journals Higher Attestation Committee (HAC) and SCOPUS and Web of Science (10 articles) over the past 3 years.

The main scientific direction of the department  is "value-oriented approach to building financial and social policies of business organizations in inefficient financial markets". During the last 5 years there is 1 member who has awarded a doctor degree and 3 members are preparing their doctoral thesis.

Faculty members representing the department of Corporate Finance actively participate in international conferences and forums, and have close ties with  the international community in the framework of the global (international) academic program University Alliances SAP.

Faculty members (Strelnik E.Y, Usanova D.Sh.) have international certificate of SAP. They attend professional training courses courses in SAP AG, Moscow.

In 2013 the department organized Intellectual Marathon SAP InnoJam for students. The winners took part in final competition in Moscow and were given grants for undergraduates program.

In March 2014 our students, supervised by senior teacher  Gilmizyanov T.R., took part in «Growth Driver 2014» championship of Corporate Finance, they demonstrated a high level of knowledge and practical skills.

One of the priorities of educational work of the department is a Master's degree program  «Audit and Financial Management, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)» that enhances students' knowledge of fundamental and applied economics and management and develops their professional skills. The variety of the courses helps students to choose their future professional development. Students are to do their own research paper, undertake their industrial experience and defend a graduate thesis. Some of the subjects are taught in English. Most of the students usually get excellent references to proceed to post graduate programs. Moreover, there is a Master's degree program in "Corporate Finance". The curriculum includes advanced syllabus in value based management. 

The curriculum of Bachelor's program in Corporate Finance includes a large number of subjects in fundamental and applied economics (Corporate Finance, Financial modeling, Financial analysis methods, Automated information systems in the financial activities of the organization, Organizational tax planning, multinational companies Finance, Planning and Budgeting in the organization, financial risks of the organization.)

The faculty of the department teach at MBA program, KFU.  In general, the department has a high potential for development and a high rating among the students and Якорьuniversity members.

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