At the undergraduate level our syllabus covers English language, at the graduate level we teach Advanced English and Academic Writing.

We offer a full range of rigorous and innovative language classes. The process of language teaching is integrated with disciplines in humanities, economics and management.

At all levels the faculty aims to create a dynamic learning environment where students gain new insights about themselves and the world through the study of English-speaking cultures. Our department comprises leading scholars with interests in creative writing, cultural studies, pedagogics, educational methodology, and translation.

In addition to its curricular offerings the Department regularly sponsors mini-seminars, conferences, and round tables where business professionals act as panel experts. Also, we organize different contests and quests where students have an opportunity to show their level of language knowledge and their creativity.

Through all its endeavors the Department of Foreign Languages for Economics, Business and Finance provides a venue for exploring the place of linguistic and cultural differences in our increasingly interconnected world.