The Department was established in 2002. The main objective of the department is to train skilled professionals in state and municipal management.

The Department of State and Municipal Management Systems provides training undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Department supervises the folllowing educational programs.


Regional Management

Urban Management

Communications in Public and Municipal Administration

Public Finance


Public Policy and Management

Urban Management.

Masters' programs of our department provide a unique opportunity to graduates of different faculties and institutes, as well as graduates of other universities, to continue their education for the most popular and promising managerial occupations.

Our research work is concentrated on the analysis and development of the most effective mechanisms for cross-sector collaboration in order to improve the socio-economic development of territories. The Department created its own unique algorithm of the evaluation of state-business cooperation effectiveness.

Our partners

Among the partners of the Department - State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan Municipal Administration, Moscow State University (Faculty of Public Administration), St. Petersburg Institute of Regional Economics and Management, Russian Research Center of State and Municipal Management, Institute of State and Municipal Management of the State University of Management. The foreign partners are Justus Liebig University Giessen and the Center for Eastern Studies in Poland.