Head of Laboratory: Maxim Busarev

Head of SmartHead company

E-mail: buzz@smarthead.ru

SmartHead is a company which since 2007 has been expanding in the field of digital production. It uses modern technologies to develop and support internet projects, as well as mobile and desktop apps.

The company's chief clients, or more accurately, partners, include advertising and digital agencies. Our close-knit in-house team comprised of experienced and accommodating project leaders, developers (PHP, .NET, Flash, HTML5, CSS3, JS etc.), designers, content managers, moderators, and other specialists allows us to cover the maximum range of technological and digital services.

Programs offered to students at the SmartHead Digital Lab:

1. Introduction to Digital

2. Introduction to the creative process

3. Introduction to design

4. Introduction to strategy

5. Technologies: .NET, PHP, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JS; Adobe Flash, Air; Mobile; Interactive (Kinect, Camera, Sound, Visualization; NewWave: Node JS, Mongo, ROR; Algorithms and architecture: Big Data, Datamining, scaling, testing; graphics, 3D)

6. Project management: teamwork, psychology, customer service, project planning and assessment, task management and prioritization, risk management, and methodology: XP, Scrum, MSF, Waterfall.

By studying at the SmartHead Digital Lab, all students have the opportunity to network and forge contacts that could help them in their future careers, as well as come away with invaluable experience in software development, a portfolio of work performed on behalf of large clients, good communication skills and many other benefits.

SmartHead Laboratory presentation