The main activity of the Mobile Development Lab is aimed at training in the field of creating native software solutions for mobile devices running iOS and Android.

The head of the laboratory is Irina Shakhova, Assistant Lecturer of the Software Engineering Department at the Institute of ITIS KFU

The laboratory's courses:

Elective course “Introduction to Mobile Application Development” (3 semester)

The course aims to develop the competencies required for the development of standard mobile applications. After the course, students have knowledge of programming languages and development tools at a level sufficient to create typical applications from idea to end product.

Elective course “Mobile Application Development” (4 semester)

This course is a continuation of the course “Introduction to the development of mobile applications”. The course examines in detail the design patterns and alternative native programming languages.

Elective course “Development of mobile applications. Additional chapters” (5 semester)

This discipline includes the use of skills acquired in the courses “Introduction to Mobile Application Development” / “Mobile Application Development”, and executing the other stages of developing a software solution from concept formulation and technical documentation preparation to publishing a product in a store.

The main directions of research projects: