What is Fujitsu Labs?

Fujitsu Laboratories was opened at the training center of ITIS on November 23rd 2011. The main aim is to prepare specialist practitioners for eventual employment by GDC (Fujitsu's preferred supplier).

Students work in Fujitsu's technological domains, researching technologies in use at the company and acquiring practical experience through increasingly complex and challenging tasks.


Head of Laboratory:

Andrey Krekhov (Deputy Director of GDC and Fujitsu Labs supervisor)









Human Resources at GDC – resume-gdc-russia@ts.fujitsu.com


5 reasons to choose Fujitsu Labs

  1. A broad spectrum of training pathways (Java, .Net, Retail, Workplace, Testing, iOS, Infrastructure) => you learn what is actually required by the IT market.
  2. The instructors are specialists with many years of experience at international IT companies => less dry theory, more real-world experience and practical expertise.
  3. Involvement in real projects at companies => upon completion you are a “specialist with experience”.
  4. The possibility of employment at GDC while still in education => see what GDC offers its employees.
  5. Special programs for students => get a taste of corporate life.


1. The Workplace Lab trains students to automate solutions for complex, distributed and large IT infrastructures. The laboratory program includes:

2. The Testing Lab trains professionals in the area of testing. The laboratory program includes:

3. The Java Lab caters for Java developers. The laboratory program includes:

4. The Retail Lab trains specialists in one of the most promising areas of IT – systemic automation of retail and retail facilities. The laboratory program includes: