acting Head of Department:

Dr. Airat Khasianov

Phone:  (843) 221-34-33 (ext. 25)

Address: 420008, Kazan, 35 Kremlevskaya street.

The Department of Software Engineering was established at the ITIS on February 12th, 2013.

The department's general programme of methodological activities for the training of graduates is based on the principle of continuing their training and immersing them in a laboratory environment, starting in the 2nd year of the Bachelor's programme in the laboratory and, then in Open Labs at Post-Graduate and Doctorate level.

Programmes of study for ITIS graduates are agreed with the management and are in accordance with the knowledge requirements of Software Engineering (The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, SWEBOK), and teaching includes instruction on:

- Basic computing (basic IT, technology and means of development, formal methods);

- Basic Software Engineering  (including engineering and operational programmes as a component of software development);

- Professional practice (work as part of a team, communication skills, the creation of real projects);

- Basic simulation (analysis, working to requirements, specifications, control);

- Software design (design conceptions and strategies, design of human-machine interfaces, means of design support);

- Software verification and validation (essentials, code review, testing, grading of user interface, problem analysis);

- Evolution of software and processes of software development;

- Software quality (software quality standards, quality assurance of software, processes and product);

- Programme project management (management concepts, planning and tracking the execution of projects, risk assessment).

Also within the Software Engineering Curricula Standard, much attention is given to manufacturing practice, work on commercial projects and the possibility of collective work on diploma projects.

During the course, students study more than 36 disciplines and undertake academic, manufacturing and prediploma practice. The presence of Ph.D. and Doctorate students enable the best students to continue their study and defend a Candidate and Doctoral thesis.

In the last 3 years, researchers at the department have published 18 training publications, 8 scientific articles, and have presented more than 10 papers at theoretical and practical conferences.

The department has modern lecture theatres and specialised computer classes to further aid the learning process. An integral part of the study plan is work experience at industry-leading IT companies, such as ICL Group, Bars Group, IBM, and others. In addition, experts from the IT industry are often invited to give students at ITIS lectures and master-classes.

Students begin work experience with companies in their 2nd year. In their 4th year, participants can apply for trainee positions at the company.

In this way, enterprises receive well-trained specialists who are familiar with the company structures, and the university in turn receives experienced supervisors for course- and diploma work, as well as access to the latest technologies at the disposal of the institute's partners.