As KFU is rather experienced in the Bologna process and widely implements practices of converting ECTS credits and marks to Russian system and vice versa.

In Russian Federation (RF) the study workload is evaluated in academic hours. One academic hour equals to 45 minutes. One RF credit (36 academic hours) is equal to 1 ECTS credit.


Local KFU grading system is the following:

According to the article 3.13 of the Charter of Kazan Federal University of May 19, 2011, Kazan University implements the following grading system:

5 – “excellent”,

4 – “good”,

3 – “satisfactory”,

2 – “fail”.

The highest grade is 5 (“excellent”).

The lowest grade is 2 (“fail”).

The lowest satisfactory grade is 3 (“satisfactory”).


Some courses according to academic plan are graded using Pass/Fail system. Under this system, students earning a grade from “3” to “5” in a course will have “Passed” recorded on the trans­cript for that course; a grade of “2” will be recorded as “Fail”. “Passed” and “Fail” grades shall not be used in computing grade point averages.


Table on converting ECTS marks into KFU system

Numerical system

Numerical system 


Merit-based system  Pass/Fail system Converted to ECTS grades 
 5  Excellent
 86 – 100% Passed   A
 4  Good
 71 – 85% Passed   B
 3  Satisfactory (удовлетворительно)  55 – 70% Passed   C-D
 2  Fail (неудовлетворительно)  0 – 54%  Failed  F