Founded in 1804, Kazan Federal University is the second oldest university in Russia. An internationally acknowledged center of academic excellence, it is listed among top 10 institutions of higher education in the country. The main center of higher education for a vast Volga region, KFU has 14 Institutes, 2 faculties, 3 high schools and 3 branches in the nearest cities, which provide a wide spectrum of degree programs in all fields of study. The University carefully preserves the traditions of its world renowned scientific schools of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Orient studies and  over the last decade has succeeded in conducting cutting-edge research in the areas of Nanotechnologies and Biomedicine, Psychology and Cultural Studies, Humani­tarian Technologies.

Selecting courses

Information on all courses offered during the current semester can be accessed via course catalogue.

The course catalogue will be published at the beginning of the semester. If you need information earlier we recommend that you use the course catalogue of the previous year as a guideline for  your course choice and then finalize your courses after arrival in Kazan.

An overview of course taught  in English is available here.

Semester dates

Fall semester: September: 1 – January 31
Regular courses: September 1 – December 25
Exam period: December 26 – January 25

Spring semester: February 7 - June 30
Regular courses: February 7 – May 25
Exam period: May 26 – June 25    

You should arrive several days before the semester starts, so you can settle in and complete registration, etc.


Language requirements and Russian courses

Since most of the courses are held in Russian you must have sufficient knowledge of Russian. We recommend Russian language skills equivalent to level B 2 of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). A language certificate is not necessary, but we need the confirmation from Russian language teacher who guarantees the required language skills (see Application form).

Every year Kazan Federal University organizes the Russian Language Summer School for international students for an extra fee. The school takes place in August and offers both a study and cultural program.

KFU offers also Russian language courses during the semester for exchange students which are free of charge.