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Scientific Reports

05 December 2016, 6, Article number: 38517

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Clay Minerals

14 October 2016, Volume 51, Issue 3, P. 429-433

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"Fabrication of magnetically modified Chlorella pyrenoidosa microalgae using poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium)-stabilised magnetic nanoparticles"


17 September 2016, Volume 6, Issue 4, P. 520–522

G. Kuku, M. Saricam, F.S. Akhatova, A.A. Danilushkina, R.F. Fakhrullin, M. Culha

"Surface-enhanced Raman scattering to evaluate nanomaterial cytotoxicity on living cells"

Analytical Chemistry

09 September 2016, Volume 88, Issue 19, P. 9813–9820

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"Halloysite clay nanotubes for tissue engineering"

Nanomedicine (Future medicine)

16 August 2016, Volume 11, Issue 17, P. 2243–2246

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"East Eurasian ancestry in the middle of Europe: genetic footprints of Steppe nomads in the genomes of Belarusian Lipka Tatars"

Scientific Reports

25 July 2016, 6, Article number: 30197

E.A. Naumenko, B. Ahlemeyer, E. Baumgart-Vogt

"Species-specific differences in peroxisome proliferation, catalase, and SOD2 upregulation as well as toxicity in human, mouse, and rat hepatoma cells induced by the explosive and environmental pollutant 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene"

Environmental Toxicology

20 June 2016, Volume 32, Issue 3, P. 989-1006

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Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences

2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, P. 1860-1868

S.A. Konnova, Y.M. Lvov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Nanoshell assembly for magnet-responsive oil-degrading bacteria"


9 June 2016, Volume 32, Issue 47, P. 12552–12558
HIGHLIGHTED BY EurekAlert, Nanowerk and many others

Е.А. Науменко, Е.Ю. Закирова, И.Д. Гурьянов, И.С. Глаголева, Р.Ф. Фахруллин

"Клинический ‎опыт ‎применения ‎аллогенных ‎мезенхимальных ‎стволовых ‎клеток на ‎композитном ‎биополимерном ‎носителе для ‎закрытия ‎кожного дефекта у собаки"

Актуальные проблемы гуманитарных и естественных наук

2016, № 2-4, С. 130-135

Y.M. Lvov, M.M. DeVilliers, R.F. Fakhrullin

"The application of halloysite tubule nanoclay in drug delivery"

Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

08 April 2016, Volume 13, Issue 7, P. 977-986

E.A. Naumenko, I.D. Guryanov, R. Yendluri, Y.M. Lvov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Clay nanotube–biopolymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineering"


01 March 2016, Volume 8, Issue 13, P. 7257-7271 

M. Emanet, R.F. Fakhrullin, M. Çulha

"Boron nitride nanotubes and layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte coating for yeast cell surface engineering"


29 February 2016, Volume 2, Issue 5, P. 426-429

Y.M. Lvov, W. Wang, L. Zhang, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Halloysite clay nanotubes for loading and sustained release of functional compounds"

Advanced Materials

10 February 2016, Volume 28, Issue 6, P. 1227-1250
HIGHLIGHTED BY MaterialsToday, Nanowerk and many others

M.A. Kryuchkova, A.A. Danilushkina, Y.M. Lvov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Evaluation of toxicity of nanoclays and graphene oxide in vivo: a Paramecium caudatum study"

Environmental Science: Nano

14 January 2016, Volume 3, Issue 2, P. 442-452 


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Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences

2015, Volume 6, Issue 6, P. 1637-1647

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"Исследование цитотоксичности in vitro частиц нанокомпозита для прямой реставрации зубов в стоматологии"

Гены & Клетки

2015, Т X, №4, C. 63-67

Е.Ю. Тарасова, Е.А. Науменко, Э.В. Рожина, Р.Ф. Фахруллин

"Прямая модификация клеток с использованием поликатион-стабилизированных серебряных наночастиц"

Гены & Клетки

2015, Т X, №4, C. 94-98

D.A. Gorin, R.F. Fakhrullin et al.

"Liposomes loaded with hydrophilic magnetite nanoparticles: preparation and application as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging"

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

22 July 2015, Volume 135, P. 109-115

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"Orientation of charged clay nanotubes in evaporating droplet meniscus"

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

15 February 2015, Volume 440, P. 68-77

M.R. Dzamukova, E.A. Naumenko, E.V. Rozhina, A.A. Trifonov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Cell surface engineering with polyelectrolyte-stabilized magnetic nanoparticles: A facile approach for fabrication of artificial multicellular tissue-mimicking clusters"

Nano Research

29 August 2015, Volume 8, Issue 8, P. 2515–2532

M. Karmin, F.S. Akhatova et al.

"A recent bottleneck of Y chromosome diversity coincides with a global change in culture"

Genome Research

13 March 2015, Volume 25, P. 459-466

M.R. Dzamukova, E.A. Naumenko, Y.M. Lvov, R.F. Fakhrullin

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Scientific Reports

15 May 2015, Volume 5, Article number 10560

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"Genetic characterization of populations of the Volga-Ural region according to the variability of the Y-chromosome"

Russian Journal of Genetics

01 February 2015, Volume 51, Issue 1, P. 108–115

S.A. Konnova, A.A. Danilushkina, G.I. Fakhrullina, F.S. Akhatova, A.R. Badrutdinov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Silver nanoparticle-coated "cyborg" microorganisms: rapid assembly of polymer-stabilised nanoparticles on microbial cells"

RSC Advances

22 January 2015, Volume 5, Issue 18, P. 13530-13537

G.I. Fakhrullina, F.S. Akhatova, Y.M. Lvov, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Toxicity of halloysite clay nanotubes in vivo: a Caenorhabditis elegans study"

Environmental Science: Nano

2015, Volume 2, Issue 1, P. 54-59


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Life Science Journal

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"Нанотрубки галлуазита - перспективный биосовместимый материал для "умных" композитов с инкапсуляцией биологически активных веществ"

Гены & Клетки

2014, Т IX, №3, C. 25-28

R.F. Fakhrullin, A. Tursunbayeva, V.S. Portnov, Y.M. Lvov

"Ceramic nanotubes for polymer composites with stable anticorrosion properties"

Crystallography Reports

26 November 2014,  Volume 59, Issue 7, P. 1107–1113

T.G. Shutava, R.F. Fakhrullin, Y.M. Lvov

"Spherical and tubule nanocarriers for sustained drug release"

Current Opinion in Pharmacology

18 October 2014, Volume 18, P. 141-148.

G. Cavallaro, G. Lazzara, S.A. Konnova, R.F. Fakhrullin, Y.M. Lvov

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Green Materials

2014, Volume 2, Issue 4, P. 232–242

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"Nano-labelled cells — a functional tool in biomedical applications"

Current Opinion in Pharmacology

29 September 2014, Volume 18, P. 84-90

G.A. Evtugyn, V.B. Stepanova, A.V. Porfireva, A.I. Zamaleeva, R.F. Fakhrullin

"Electrochemical DNA sensors based on nanostructured organic dyes/DNA/polyelectrolyte complexes"

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

September 2014, Volume 14, Issue 9, P. 6738-6747

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RSC Advances

2014, Volume 4, Issue 1, P. 488-494

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"Clay nanotube encapsulation for functional biocomposites"

Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

May 2014, Volume 207, P. 189-198