16 July 2013
Delegation of members of parliament of Republic of Korea at KFU

On July, 16 Kazan Federal University was visited by the delegation of members of parliament of Republic of Korea headed by the Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea, Mr. Ui - Hwa Chung, who is also the Chairman of the Organising Committee of the XXVIII World Summer Universiade-2015.

The main reason of visit was to learn the experience of Kazan Federal University in organizing XXVII World Summer Universiade. Great interest was paid to the organization of volunteers’ movement as well as to experience of selection and preparation of volunteers on the basis of KFU Volunteers Recruiting Centre. 

During the visit the delegation had an excursion in KFU Museum of History where its members got acquainted with the history and modern state of Kazan Federal University.

For information: Summer Universiade - 2015 will be held in Gwangju, South Korea. Gwangju previously claimed for holding the Summer Universiade - 2013, however Kazan won this  right to host the Games.

Universiade - 2015 will be an international cultural festival called EPIC. This abbreviation includes 4 words for competitions to achieve environmental purity (Ecoversiada), competitions for achieving peace in the whole world through a joint project with the UNOSDP (Peaceversiade), competition in the implementation of advanced IT-technologies (ITversiade) and the rich cultural heritage of Gwangju (Cultureversiade).

The National Assembly is the unicameral legislature of South Korea

It includes 300 members that are elected every four years. 246 members are elected from single mandate electoral district and 54 according to proportional system.

Korean Parliament enacts laws and state budget as well as approves or rejects proposed by the President candidates for high state positions and ratifies international agreements. Korean parliament is convened to work every year: its ongoing session usually lasts three months - from September to December. However, if is necessary, additional sessions may be convened.

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