News - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
16 February 2018 Maslenitsa Celebrated in Universiade Village
Traditional Eastern Slavic spring festival was celebrated at the main KFU dorm complex yesterday.
15 February 2018 Florid Agzamov Memorial Classroom Opened at the Higher School of Journalism and Media Communications
Florid Agzamov (1936 - 2005), first Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, was commemorated today by his colleagues and students.
14 February 2018 Leo Tolstoy's Student Years at Kazan University
Tolstoy Year in Tatarstan is underway, and we want to share some details about the famous writer's life during his stay in Kazan.
25 January 2018 Russian Student Day Celebrations
Traditional festivities were held at KFU on January 24th.
23 January 2018 KFU Sophomore Victorious in Regional Student Beauty Pageant
19-year-old Kamila Bikkinyaeva came ahead of 14 contestants, including 3 of her peers from Kazan University.
08 January 2018 Associate Professor of Russian Philology Plans to Issue Six Detective Stories with One of the Biggest Russian Publishers
Tatyana Shakhmatova's latest work, Gone with the Blogosphere, saw light at Eksmo in November 2017.
22 December 2017 Honorary Professor Andrey Root Celebrates 90th Birthday
A patriarch of journalistic science at KFU was honored today.