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Welcome to the Institute of Psychology and Education

Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University is one of the largest teachers' education institutes in Russian higher education. The Institute covers all levels of education - Bachelor, Specialist, Master, Postgraduate and Doctorate, as well as an advanced system of training and retraining of educators. 

Director of the Institute is Aydar Kalimullin
Institute of Psychology and Education was established at Kazan Federal University in September 2011 through the merger of the Faculty of Psychology of Kazan State University, the Faculty of Psychological and Pedagogical Education of Tatar State University of Humanities and Education and some structures of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan. 

The Institute is represented by scientific schools in pedagogical, psychological and educational fields – by Academician V.I. Andreev, professors B.S. Alisheva, R.A. Valeyeva, V.F. Gabdulhakova, V.G. Zakirova, L.A. Kazantsev A.M. Kalimullina, Z.G. Nigmatova, L.M. Popov, A.O .Prokhorov, A.N. Huziahmetova, R.F. Shayhelislamova, and others.

The Institute's mission is to develop professional education and to provide organizational, scientific and pedagogical support of the educational process.

News and announcements

05 October 2017 Russian Psychological Forum and 6th Convention of Russian Psychological Society
The opening ceremony took place on October 5th at KFU, presided by Head of RPS Yury Zinchenko.
06 September 2017 Visit by Rector of Moscow State University of Education Alexey Lubkov
The guest from Moscow toured teacher education facilities and met with his peer Ilshat Gafurov on September 5th.
01 September 2017 Students celebrate Knowledge Day at Kazan Federal University
First-year students were greeted by the Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education Kalimullin Ajdar Minimansurovich.
04 August 2017 2018 Regional ISATT Conference to Take Place at Kazan University
Kazanites visited the 2017 conference of the International Study Association on Teaching and Teachers in Salamanca, Spain.
28 July 2017 Psychological Clinic Opened at the Institute of Psychology and Education
Clinic Manager, Associate Professor Endzhe Latypova explained what this new establshment's objectives are.
27 July 2017 First Master Program in Youth Sports Psychology in Russia Opened at Kazan University
Associate Professor Olga Lopukhova talked to us about this new curriculum.
23 May 2017 Third International Forum on Teacher Education Opened
Experts from 36 countries and 30 Russian federal subjects have gathered at Kazan University for the annual conference.
04 April 2017 Kazan University to Join Work on National Online Pedagogy Curriculum Project
This was discussed at a meeting at the federal Ministry of Education and Science on April 3rd with participation from Rector Ilshat Gafurov.
10 March 2017 Board of Trustees of Kazan University Held a Regular Meeting
Before the proceedings Rector Ilshat Gafurov showed the University's facilities to President Rustam Minnikhanov.
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Head of department:Kalimullin Ajdar Minimansurovich
Secretary:Schneider Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Phone:+7 (843) 292-91-23
Address:420021, Kazan, 1 M. Mezhlauk Str., room 24