The office facilitates KFU activities in the following areas:

- Promoting international cooperation

This direction includes a wide range of issues related to international research collaboration, academic mobility, information and analytical service, project operation and arrangement of events related to KFU international activities

- Promoting international education

This section deals with incoming international students arriving at KFU on bilateral agreements of Russia with other countries, KFU partner agreements and individual tuition-paying foreign students

Mailing address

International Office

Kazan Federal University
18 Kremlyovskaya Street, Kazan 420008
Republic of Tatarstan

Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (843) 292 7600
Fax: +7 (843) 292 7418

Skype: kfu_Admission


Andrey Krylov

18 Kremlyovskaya Street, KFU building 6, room 116

phone +7 (843) 233-7512, (843) 292 7600
Fax: +7 (843) 292 7418, Skype: kfu_Admission

Deputy Director for International Cooperation

Victoria Vlasicheva

18 Kremlyovskaya Street, KFU building 6, room 215

phone +7 (843) 233-7662, fax +7 (843) 292-7418

Deputy Director for International Education

Farit Khaidarov

18 Kremlyovskaya Street, KFU building 6, room 115 


phone +7 (843) 233-7466, fax +7 (843) 292-7418

Academic support unit      

Phone +7 (843) 233-7430, room 113

Alfia Efremova, (academic support for CIS countries students)

Karina Gareeva, (academic support for CIS countries students)

Leysyan Tagirova, (academic support for non-CIS countries students, reporting)

Larisa Khairullina, (academic support for students on payment-based education)

Admission unit                   

Phone +7 (843) 233-7027, room 114

Rimma Galiakberova,  (head)

Regina Subkhankulova, (communication with applicants)

Sabina Tenisheva, (recognition of international education and qualifications)

Renat Gazetdinov, (invitations for prospective students)

Unit for international events support  

Phone +7 (843) 233-7630, room 212

Fanis Gainutdinov, (head)

Olga Talmanova, (visa support for KFU staff and students)

Roza Zakirova, (administration of TestDaf, TestAS, Test OnDaF exams)

Daria Shipilina, (interpreter – English)

Anna Deryusheva, (interpreter – English)

Damir Zaripov (international delegations, KFU official visits)

Igor Gorbunov, (technical support, organization of simultaneous interpretation)

Cooperation development unit              

Phone +7 (843) 233-7658, room 213

Lilia Hairutdinova,  (cooperation agreements, Asia, Africa, Europe and America countries)

Elmira Milmar,  (cooperation CIS and Middle East countries)

Elena Vashurina, (information and analytical support, reporting)

Yana Evdokimova, (international cooperation projects)

Academic mobility unit                             

Phone +7 (843) 233-7467, room 214

Tatyana Baburina, (head)

Gulira Sirazetdinova, (academic mobility programs Erasmus+, Algarysh, Oxford Russia Fund, etc.)

Angie Mingazova, (academic mobility for outgoing students)

Anna Kulikova, (international staff recruitment and services)

Passport and visa support unit              

Phone +7 (843) 233-7690, room 217

Nailya Khusnutdinova,  (passport-visa support for citizens from visa countries)

Aliya Kamaeva,  (passport-visa support for citizens from visa countries)

Albina Yuskaeva,  (passport-visa support for citizens from visa countries)

Ella Guznyaeva (passport-visa support for citizens from visa countries)

Dina Bagateeva,  (registration for citizens from non-visa countries)

Leisyan Sharipova,  (registration for citizens from non-visa countries)

Adaptation services unit                         

phone +7 (843) 233-7616, room 218

Sergei Tzvetkov, (head)

Leisyan Galimova,  (social and housing support for international student)

Rustam Musin, (social and cultural activity support)